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I want to pass the same boolean value "isProvena" several times in two PHP files. The first time I pass the value from utilitizer.php to hraprint.php by using the codes as follows:

if ($_POST['type'] == 'printphys' || $_POST['type'] == 'printprovenahpa')
echo "<form action='/content/822' method=post>";
echo "<input type=hidden name=filename value='$filename'>";
if($_POST['type'] == 'printprovenahpa') {echo "<input type=hidden name=isProvena      value='1'>";}
echo "<input type=hidden name=content value='";
if ($_POST['type'] == 'printphys') echo 751;
else if ($_POST['type'] == 'printprovenahpa') echo 520;
echo "'>";
echo "<input type=submit value='Start Job'></form>";

And then I get the value "isProvena" from hraprint.php and post(get) again:

$isProvena        = false;
$isProvena        = (boolean)$isProvena;

<form action="/content/822" method="GET">
<input type="hidden" name="isProvena" value="<?php echo ($isProvena) ? '1' : '0' ?>" />
    <td><label for="showOnlyScreening">Print Only Screenings:</label></td>
    <td><input id="showOnlyScreening" type="checkbox" name="showOnlyScreening" value="1" <?php echo ($isProvena) ? 'checked="checked"' : ''?>/></td>

And post again:

<form action="/content/822" method="POST">
<input type="hidden" name="isProvena" value="<?php echo ($isProvena) ? '1' : '0' ?>" />

And I do the judgement here:


The reason I need to post(get) several times is that there are several page redirect action happens in the same PHP file(hraprint.php). When I was trying to get the value which is supposed to be 'true' from if($isProvena){} and execute the function, I failed.

Anyone can help me to have a look and tell me what is wrong?

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Never use extract() function on user-provided data. It is a really serious vulnerability. – Tadeck Sep 13 '11 at 2:08

It would be easier if you simply use sessions for that. Sessions are made specifically for that purpose - passing variables easily from one page to another.

And it is not yet established in the last code block of your answer that $isProvena already exists because I do not see any extract() there.

P.S. Use the $_POST and $_GET variables instead of extracting the $_REQUEST. The code is vulnerable to the problems caused by register_globals

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