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I would like to report some information about a user in my confluence site. But i have a problem that is "How to get number of times per month a user logs in to my site". Had anyone do this before?

my user's information report form look just like this:

user name - login times - 2011/08

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You could write an EventListener component that listens for a special ConfluenceEvent, the LoginEvent and is triggered when a user successfully logs into Confluence.

When the event is triggered, just save this information in a map and persist it using BandanaPersistence or the ActiveObject API as described in the Confluence Developer Documentation.

Now that the information for your stats are persisted you could write a Macro to ouput the information on a Confluence page.

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Thanks @hascode! It's great! – leegor Oct 27 '11 at 13:42

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