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When using google maps api to display something google has started adding local restaurants/hotels into the map. How can I hide them from appearing. I checked the same locations on sites that use maps (like yelp) and they successfully hide the local hotels/restaurants. I've been looking for layers/overlays but can't figure out how I remove this default behavior.

example These things These things are appearing on my maps. is it possible to hide these bubbles and names?

edit says that 3.6 introduces business icons on by default. So setting v=3.5 as a parameter will hide the "Business icons".

bounty Is there a way of hiding the business messages without sticking with an older version of the api?

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you can set them invisible by setting the map style properly. See


sth like that should do the trick (though not tested):

var noPoi = [
    featureType: "poi",
    stylers: [
      { visibility: "off" }

map.setOptions({styles: noPoi});
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Second link doesn't work, I can't get your code or the code at that link to work with the Google Maps Embed API 3, with iframe – Brent Apr 16 '14 at 18:13
This code only works when drawing the map from JS ex:…, not when using iframes – Brent Apr 16 '14 at 18:27

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