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I'm creating a html table at runtime (no probs there), and I would like to be able to format the content in the cells at runtime by passing in a format string (ie currencies, decimals, decimal places etc)

for example, i want to achieve something like this but to be able to pass in the format of the string with code as a string, ie "{0:c}" or "#,###,###"

ideally to be able to pass it into the ToString() method ( i can't do that but was wondering if there could be a clever way to achieve this?)

tblCell.Text = dt.Rows[i][j].ToString(#.##);
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where does the data for the html table come from? Would GridView or ListView an option? I added an answer to show what I mean. – slfan Sep 13 '11 at 5:36
tblCell.Text = String.Format("{0:c}", dt.Rows[i][j])


tblCell.Text = String.Format("{0:#.##}", dt.Rows[i][j])

should work.

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You can supply format strings to the columns in your GridView by setting the DataFormatString property of the column to something like this: “{0:d}”.

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Have a look at:

I always use this cheat sheet to find out things like these as the number of possibilities is simply to big to remember them all

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Links seems to be down. :-( – user799821 May 17 '13 at 5:56

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