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There is a table which had records but these records were deleted. There is a primary key which is incremented automatically on the database table.

Is there a way to know , before inserting a new row in the table , the next value of this primary key ? If it is not possible is there a way to get the immediately the value of the generated primary key after inserting a row ?

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You could insert a row and then look at last_insert_id:

insert into ....;
select last_insert_id();

That would give you the auto_increment value that was used for the INSERT.

You can also try looking at the show table status like 'your_table_name' output, there will be an Auto_increment value that should tell you the next one that will be used.

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I have problem calling the LAST_INSERT_ID() method in PHP. I tried $image_id = select LAST_INSERT_ID(); but it does not return anything , then I tried $image_id = LAST_INSERT_ID(); and it also returns nothing ! So how to call it in PHP ? –  user833129 Sep 13 '11 at 6:28
@Andy: last_insert_id() needs to be run inside MySQL, use mysql_query and make sure you use the same connection for both the INSERT and SELECT. –  mu is too short Sep 13 '11 at 7:00

If you're just sitting at a MySQL prompt, type:

show create table my_table;

At the bottom you'll see something like:


The AUTO_INCREMENT is what the next id would be.

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One more variant -

SELECT `AUTO_INCREMENT` FROM information_schema.`TABLES` WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = '<table_schema>' AND TABLE_NAME = '<table_name>';
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