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I want to use the android.app.Service (not IntentService, not AsyncTask) to run my long running process and calling Handler.sendMessage(..) during the process.

using the below code is enough (Service's onCreate method)?

public void onCreate() {
    new Thread(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            Log.w(LOG_LOGCAT_TAG, "DEBUG MODE - CallbackImpl handleError() called");
            // get the location information (lat,lon,altitude etc..)
            // then, call callback methods.


private final LocationCallbackImpl _locationCallbackImpl = new LocationCallbackImpl();

private class LocationCallbackImpl
    public void done() {
        Log.i(LOG_LOGCAT_TAG, "LocationCallbackImpl done() called");
        // switch to UI thread

    public void handleError(ReturnCode returnCode) {
        Log.e(LOG_LOGCAT_TAG, "LocationCallbackImpl handleError() called:" + returnCode.name());

        // send a message to display the error
            _handler.sendMessage(_handler.obtainMessage(ERROR_MESSAGE, returnCode));

    public void handleSuccess(Location location) {
        Log.i(LOG_LOGCAT_TAG, "LocationCallbackImpl handleSuccess() called");
            _handler.sendMessage(_handler.obtainMessage(LOCATION_MESSAGE, location));

And would like also to ask you guys, if all the callbacks will be called on the above created thread?

How can I check if they are really running on that thread? is there a way to check it?

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You need to implement getter and setter of Handler inside service and set this handler from the activity where you want to receive it's notification.

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would you revise my sample codes to apply that getter/setter for the Handler? –  eros Sep 26 '11 at 2:45

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