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JAVA: check a string if there is a special character in it

I'm testing a method that transforms a string into another string except it preservers all special characters (non alpha-numeric).

So I'm looking to test the output of this method to ensure it actually preserves these characters.
I know this calls for use of Pattern and Matcher classes but not sure how.
I think I need to build a format template, compile it with Pattern and then use it with Matcher with the output string of my test method .
So I'll build the format template character by character. For digits and characters, I can use IsLetter and IsDigit of Character class and insert "\\d" for digit in my template.
Not sure what I should use for letters and special characters.

Any Ideas?


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Define "preserves" - does that mean "abc!d." --> " ! ." or "abc!d." --> "!." or something else? Please give sample input and output data –  Bohemian Sep 13 '11 at 7:13

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You should write pattern that replaces all forbidden characters to nothing and use String.replaceAll() method. Something like the following:

str = str.replaceAll("[^\\w_\\d]", "");

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fyi, \w includes _ and \d, so simply [^\\w] is the same as your regex –  Bohemian Sep 13 '11 at 7:11

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