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Javascript doesn't work in IE8

I have the following code

 var ind=1;
     rdo = document.createElement('<input type="radio" name="radioOptions" />');

    rdo = document.createElement('input');                  
  rdo.setAttribute('type','radio');// error
  rdo.id = 'radioOption_'+ind;
  rdo.value = ind;

After a thorough checkup this line is throwing error on IE 8


and a strange fact is that when it is on the local system its not doing that. I am dynamically adding this radio input to the form. And the Doc type i have set to

 <!doctype html> 

Any Idea what should work for all Browsers including the ASS HOLE IE

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You will find the answer here‌​. Short: you can't set type or name in IE by setAttribute. Use object-dot-notation: rdo.type = 'radio'; rdo.name = 'radioOptions'; –  Bora Sep 13 '11 at 6:06

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You can not change the type of input elements in IE with setAttribute(). You could try with rdo.type = 'radio' (which should work) or (ugh) innerHTML.

Also, document.createElement() is used with the element's name, i.e. input. It is not like $() in jQuery or similar libraries.

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