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In my form I have 4 fields when I'm using jquery validation on form id by default it validates all the fields. I want validation on 1 mandatory field only.

My jquery is as below


    rules: {
        color_name: {      
            maxlength: 20

    messages: {
        color_name: {
            required: "Please enter color name",
            maxlength: "Not more than 20 characters"




Still it validates all the fields while I want validation only on 1 field

add-color-form is my form id

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can you post your html please? –  Samich Sep 13 '11 at 6:54
I have solved it using required in class <input type="box" class="required" /> use required for specific mandatory fields only and its works. –  manish nautiyal Sep 13 '11 at 8:44

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Its difficult to tell from the code you've supplied, make sure your inputs dont have a 'required' class and maybe bet one of the examples working first, then adjust that?

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