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I have a stateless bean which manages my timer service:

public class TimerManagerBean implements ITimerManagerLocal {

private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(TimerManagerBean.class);
private @Resource
SessionContext ctx;

private @EJB ISomeEjbLocal someEjb;

public void scheduleTimer(long initialDuration, long intervalDuration, Serializable info) {
    if (info.equals(ITimerManagerLocal.TIMER_ID_1)) {
        ctx.getTimerService().createTimer(initialDuration, intervalDuration, info);

public void cancelTimer(Serializable info) {
    final Collection<Timer> timers = ctx.getTimerService().getTimers();
    for (final Timer timer : timers) {
        if (timer.getInfo().equals(info)) {
            log.info("Timer[info=" + info + "] found, cancelling...");
            log.info("Timer[info=" + info + "] cancelled");

public void timeoutHandler(Timer timer) throws Exception {
    Serializable info = timer.getInfo();
    if (ITimerManagerLocal.TIMER_ID_1.equals(info)) {
               someEjb.doSomething(); // what happen if this throw exception?


Here is my local intefrace:

public interface ITimerManagerLocal {

public static final String TIMER_ID_1 = "TIMER_ID_1";

public void scheduleTimer(long initialDuration, long intervalDuration, Serializable info);

public void cancelTimer(Serializable info);

public void timeoutHandler(Timer timer) throws Exception;

I use it to create/cancel/schedule timers. This service used to work correctly for months, but now it began to pass null timer object to timeoutHandler method, which throws NullPointerException. This happen on each call of timeoutHandler method. I am using postgres to store timers information, not the hsdb. I think this began to happen after migrating to postgres 9, but i don't see why and may be i am wrong. Also, what happen in timeoutHandler method when timer.getInfo() throw NullPointerException (because timer is null). Where is this exception thrown? Could it prevent the correct rescheduling of the timer?


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If the Timer passed to timeoutHandler is null, that sounds like a bug in JBoss. –  bkail Sep 13 '11 at 14:25
Well it does not happen on my test and dev environment. –  user358448 Sep 14 '11 at 15:03

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