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I managed to delete a folder from my working directory with command

svn delete MYDIR

I realized that the directory I deleted was a wrong one and I need to get it back. I can see the directory and all the subdirectories on my harddrive, but there are no files. If I check the status

svn status MYDIR

it shows all the files having the "D" mark before them. I haven't committed the changes yet, so is there a way to get those files back?

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You can use

svn revert -R MYDIR

The -R is needed if there were any files previously in MYDIR as your delete command would have also tagged them as deleted.

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Thanks. I just found this command too. Before I tried tons of google searches with 'undelete', 'restore' etc, but revert didn't come to my mind at all. –  zaplec Sep 13 '11 at 8:49

Yes. Do a svn revert on the directory containing the deleted one.

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