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in my app, a monitor has many benchmarks (1 to many) in the monitor editing interface, when i save the modifications every benchmark having monitor_id the one that i edited is DELETED !

  tableName: monitor
    Timestampable: ~
    id : {type: integer(4), primary: true, autoincrement: true}
    label: {type: string(45)}
    url: {type: string(80)}
    frequency: {type: integer}
    timeout: {type: integer}
    method: {type: enum, values: [GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, DELETE]}
    parameters: {type: string(255)}
    active : { type: boolean, notnull: true, default: 1 }
      class: sfGuardGroup
      local: monitor_id
      foreign: sf_guard_group_id
      refClass: Alert
      foreignAlias: Groups
      class: Accident
      local: id
      foreign: monitor_id

  #detect_relations: true
  tableName: benchmark
    Timestampable: ~
    #id: {type: integer(4), primary: true,autoincrement: true}
    monitor_id: { type: integer(4)}
    server_id: { type: integer(4)}
    connexionTime: {type: string(45)}
    executionTime: {type: string(45)}
    responseTime: {type: string(45)}
    responseCode: {type: string(45)}
    responseMessage: {type: string(45)}
    responseBody: {type: blob}
      class: Monitor
      local: monitor_id
      foreign: id
      class: Server
      local: server_id
      foreign: id

Any idea?

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Of course this shouldn't happen. Can you show your code where you retrieve, edit and save your Benchmark? – Grad van Horck Sep 13 '11 at 9:58
it when i edit a monitor ! monnitor is a module generated with admin Generator, so the edit is automatically performed! am here for further infos ! – ProXamer Sep 13 '11 at 10:05
actually the monitor edit has nothing to do with the benchmark!, the benchmarks uses the monitor's url only in a task (wich has nothing to do with the monitor edit) – ProXamer Sep 13 '11 at 10:08
all what the edit monitor should do is modify and do nothing else. BUT it still delete the benchmarks that have ` "monito_id" = this monitor` – ProXamer Sep 13 '11 at 10:10
please, does anybody have any idea of what would be the problem ???? – ProXamer Sep 13 '11 at 12:21
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I found the answer guys, actually it's a field that i ommited in the generator.yml and forgot to unset, hense Doctrine didn't know what to do and in stead it started by deleting every related object and recreating an other !

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