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I am working on a code that requires me to embed trignometry formula. actually i have the formula but i am confused how to implement that into my code.i am trying to find out everywhere & i am getting too but not getting exactly what i need.the formula is like

Axh = Ax cos θz 
Ayh = Ay cos θy

|AI | =sqrt(|Axh|^2 + |Ayh|^2)

α = arccos(Axh/|AI|)
β = arccos(Ayh/|AI |)       

Alat =Axh sin α+ Ayh sin β 

these are formulas so anyone out there can help me with geometric coding or any simple project from where i can learn.. thanks

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Trigonometric functions are defined in <math.h> and automatically included in a default Xcode project, so what is your problem? –  Saphrosit Sep 13 '11 at 8:47
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As Saphrosit said the functions are already included here is an example on how to implement a mathematic formula on Objective-C in this case it is the Haversine formula. Just look up for the possible functions on

Haversine Formula Implementation

Here are some math functions that may prove useful to your purpose:


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