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On my ListBoxItem MouseEnter event I am creating a new window with the following code.

Window w = new Window();

When the mouse leaves the current item I want to close the window.

How do I do that?

Many Thanks.

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Store a reference to the window (w in your case) in a place where both the event handler for MouseEnter and MouseExit can access it and then just do a w.Close().

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Hi, I have been thinking on the same line, but how do I store a reference? –  Anand Apr 11 '09 at 12:09
@Anand: Usually you do this with a field in the class. –  John Feminella Apr 11 '09 at 12:21

Instead of storing the w in a local variable, store it in a member variable of the current class. On MouseExit, use the member variable to close the Window.

public partial class ListWindow
    Window displayWindow;

    public void OnListBoxItem_MouseEnter()
        displayWindow = new Window();

    public void OnListBoxItem_MouseExit()
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