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I'm trying to implement another pure javascript memcache client for node.js.
The question is that I have to get keys which were set by PHP Memcache class from multipule memcache server, but I can't figure out how PHP hashes those keys.

I have looked for the Memcache class manual:

the "memcache.hash_function" is "crc32", but I still have no idea how to determine which server to set from a crc32 hash.

Is there some docs or references?
Thanks in advence.

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Why not use redis and upgrade the PHP code to use redis? Alternatively just rewrite the PHP code in node. Writing a pure javascript memcache client is just as painful for significantly less gain – Raynos Sep 13 '11 at 9:39

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The information will be housed in PECL:

To find out the details you will most likely need to review the source of the extension.

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I used via npm. Works fine across node.js and php(with the 'memcached' mod not 'memcache').

The documentation is sparse though.You can use the code below to get started.

var memcache = require('memcache');

var client = new memcache.Client(11211, '');


client.get('aaa', function(error, result){

    // all of the callbacks have two arguments.
    // 'result' may contain things which aren't great, but
    // aren't really errors, like 'NOT_STORED'

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Great! I'll try it soon. Thank you :) – Butany Nov 9 '11 at 2:57

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