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key1 = 'start' + i + '';
key2 = 'end' + i + '';
    key1: start,
    key2: end

it returns

[{key1 : `somevalue`, key1: 'somevalue'}]

but i want

[{start1 : `somevalue`, end1: 'somevalue'}]

and so on.

How can i do so. pleas help.

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try using:

datePass[key1] = 'some value';
datePass[key2] = 'some other value';
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try this

var i=1;
var key1 = 'start' + i;
var key2 = 'end' + i;
var datePass = {}; // this instantiates a blank object
datePass[key1] = 'someValue'; // assigns a value to object key
datePass[key2] = 'someValue';
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IF your goal is to create a list of {startx: xxx, endx: xxx} object s , since you're using push: you've to proceed in the following way.

key1 = 'start' + i;
key2 = 'end' + i;

var o = {};
o[key1] = start;
o[key2] = end;

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