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HI i have following code in c which is invoked from a ruby script,

static VALUE myMethod(VALUE self, VALUE exc)
  int a = TYPE(exc);
  printf(" %d ", a );
  // Some process on exc
void Init_myRuby()
   VALUE mRuby = rb_define_module("myRuby");
   VALUE mException = rb_define_class_under(mRuby, "Exception", rb_eRuntimeError);
   rb_define_singleton_method(mRuby, "myMethod", myMethod, 4);

Following is the code of ruby client script,

require 'myRuby'
def raiseExc()
exception = myRuby::Exception.new("status","lasterror","function()","Calling some")
myRuby::myMethod(exception, "Exception message: %s, Exception object %d", "Hi from Exception", 100)

I invoke myMethod() function from ruby client. Can any one tell me how to access Exception class object "exc" in c file and its all attributes.

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Module names must start with a capital letter. –  Marc-André Lafortune Sep 13 '11 at 16:55

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Use rb_funcall to call methods on your exc object.

Assuming the exc had a #description method:

VALUE myVar;
myVar = rb_funcall( exc, rb_intern("description"), 0)

Of if you need to specify arguments:

VALUE myVar;
myVar = rb_funcall( exc, rb_intern("foobar"), 3,
  rb_float_new( 2.5 ),
  INT2FIX( 123 ),
  rb_str_new2("Hello World")
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