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Hi there
I just starting using VS2005 and I wish to have code highlighting in C/C++. The VS menu Tools->Options->TextEditor->C/C++ is very poor.
I come from PHP and there the IDE's are very friendly when is about highlighting. I didn't expect that Visual Studio to be so poor at this kind of options.

Can you recommend me a free tool/plugin/lib in order to have code highlighting for C/C++?

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Do you mean block highlight or search highlighting? –  dirkgently Apr 11 '09 at 14:03

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It's not free, but Visual Assist X has some really nice highlighting.

Another (suboptimal for you) solution is to switch editors. Emacs is infinitely configurable. I believe that Eclipse CDT and NetBeans have better syntax highlighting.

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We also use Visual Assist X where I work; I would highly recommend it. Beyond simple highlighting it has refactorization tools, go to definition, auto completion and more.

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