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My Action link looks like so:

<%= Html.ActionLink("Delete Message", "DeleteMessage", new { messageId=item.MESSAGEID })%>

And my Action in my controller looks like so:

    public ActionResult DeleteMessage(int messageId)

        Message message = context.Messages.FirstOrDefault(m => m.MESSAGEID.Equals(messageId));
        if (message != null)
        return View();

But for some reason, the item in my model still does not get deleted. Where have I gone wrong?

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ActionLink produces an a element with a link which is accessed with standard GET request. Your action, however, explicitly specifies that it expects DELETE method, hence it never actually gets invoked.

Moreover, no "destructive" actions should be performed with GET requests. See this on implementing "delete" link.

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ActionLink (i.e. a html tag) sends a GET request rather then DELETE, so your action is not mapped to the request.

You can use Ajax to perform DELETE request (see “Performing Ajax Deletes” section).

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