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I'm using Eclipse 3.7 with Eclipse Gemini JPA / DBAccess. I implemented a declarative ServiceComponent which references EntityManagerBuilderFactory. The bind method looks like this:

public void bindEntityManagerFactoryBuilder(EntityManagerFactoryBuilder emfBuilder) {

However I need the ServiceReference to obtain the properties of this service, like:

    ServiceReference ref = ...
    String unitName = (String)ref.getProperty(EntityManagerFactoryBuilder.JPA_UNIT_NAME);

Do I have to search the ServiceRegistry for this ServiceReference, or is there a more elegant approach?

cheers, Muki

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If you are using Declarative Services 1.1 (the most recent spec version), you can change the signature of your bind method to:

public void bindEntityManagerFactoryBuilder(EntityManagerFactoryBuilder emfBuilder, Map properties)

The map will contain the service properties of the bound service.

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If you like to have access to ServiceReference object you can use this way (it's supported by 1.0 and 1.1 DS):

public void bindEntityManagerFactoryBuilder(ServiceReference reference)
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