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I am using MVC3 Web Grid. I need to export the data into excel 2003 and Higher and to PDF.

I have two button under the grid, When I click on the first button, I should be able to export to excel 2003 and save the data.

When I click on the second button, I should be able to export in to PDF format.

Using Grid View in Webforms, I have done that, but using MVC3, I have not done that.

Any directions please? Is there anything that comes up with in MVC3 framework for export functionality.

Thank you

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Is there anything that comes up with in MVC3 framework for export functionality.

No nothing. To export to Excel you could use CSV and use a controller action which will fetch the data from wherever you fetched it initially to display on the grid and return a File content with CSV:

public ActionResult ExportToExcel()
    byte[] csvData = ... fetch the data from your repository and convert to CSV
    return File(csvData, "text/csv", "data.csv");

To export to PDF, well, nothing built-in .NET. You will need a third party library. Personally I use iTextSharp to achieve this functionality.

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CSV is by far the easiest way for excel. If you need formatting you need to look into excel Interoperability. For PDFs another good library is PDFSharp and Migradoc –  Bengel Sep 13 '11 at 13:15

You can check here for an easy way to export to CSV. You don't have to worry about converting your data to CSV, this will do it.

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