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I've got a problem with JBoss 6.1 / JSF 2.0:

<h:inputText value="#{orderController.getOrder(orderId).date}" />

Throws this error:

value="#{orderController.getOrder(orderId).date}": The class 'com.test.view.OrderController' does not have the property 'getOrder'.

This works well under Glassfish:

Is it possible to use methods @ JSF-EL value bindings or rendered conditions?

BR Markus

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The use of accessor methods with parameters is generally discouraged in JSF. Where are you setting the value of orderId? Is it set before this page is rendered? If so, consider using a separate parameterless getter which would fetch the order for the preset order Id. If not, could you please elaborate a bit on the context of this line? –  Zoltán Sep 14 '11 at 12:17
It's set by <ui:repeat var="orderId" value="#{externalInterfaceController.orderIds}"> ... </ui:repeat> Does "discouraged" mean it's not possible using the JSF-EL-standard or does it mean it's not possible because JBoss (6.1) is not standard-compliant? A parameterless getter which reads the "orderId" from the FacesContext doesn't look like a clean solution. This seems to be a basic feature. Glassfish supports it out of the box. Same problem exists with methods on JSE-classes. 'rendered="#{someString.isEmpty()}"' throws "The class 'java.lang.String' does not have the property 'isEmpty'." –  Markus Sep 21 '11 at 9:16

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