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I have a project on Django 1.3 + piston for API. This is the code of GET handler:

listen_resource = Resource( ListenHandler )

urlpatterns = patterns('', 
  url( r'^listen/(?P<expression>.*)$', listen_resource ),

class ListenHandler(BaseHandler):   
    def read( self, request, expression ):            

        retval = {}
        print expression

            j_data = simplejson.loads(expression) 


The Get request usually is a JSON formatted string like this:


when I print it:

print expression

while running project by Eclipse IDE on development server, the result is :

{"act":"1","login":"Terminal_001","passw":"11223344","body":"{\"date\":\"2011-09-13 16:59:31\",\"link\":\"0\"}"}

and I can create object from this Json formatted string:

j_data = simplejson.loads(expression) 

But while running project on Apache server + mod_wsgi, the result is :

{"act":"1","login":"Terminal_001","passw":"11223344","body":"{/"date/":/"2011-09-13 17:46:42/",/"link/":/"0/"}"}

the Backslashes are replaced by slash and operation simplejson.loads(expression) is raising exception :

<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>
('Expecting , delimiter: line 1 column 64 (char 64)',)

In Apache server conf file I added this line AllowEncodedSlashes On

please help to solve this issue.

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I solved it by updating apache, problem was in this bug https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=35256

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