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I want to implement an "Automatic Crash log reporting system" into my apps. So I want to test if any Crash log exists, then grab it, and mail it back to me.

Is there any way to find these files from an App? Please.

As far as I can see Piictu, and Camera+ somehow managed to do something similar.

Thanks in advance.

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TestFlight released their SDK yesterday. It has many awesome features including automatic crash reporting.

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I found PLCrashReporter framework with a neat wrapper class by amazingsyco called CrashReporter at GitHub.

Moreover, I made a friendly UI like the one below from dribbble.

enter image description here

The workin' example merged in to Moquu can be downloaded soon (the update will be submitted in the next few days) from the AppStore. There's a hidden crash feature for testing purposes (hold three fingers for five seconds on about view).

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Have you tried looking in Organizer, then into devices > Device logs, and find your app? These update as far as I know everytime you plug your device in. Youll probably know of this already, but you havent mentioned it so I posted just incase its what youre looking for.

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