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When we run mvn tomcat:deploy or mvn jboss:deploy, the command by default compiles, runs tests , package a jar/war file (depending upon the archetype you have chosen while generating the project) and then deploy.

I know you can skip the test stage and ask the command to only compile, package and deploy.

But is there a way where you can only deploy.

In case you want to use Maven only to deploy 3rd party software. This would prove tricky as it will try and compile-package-deploy everytime I run deploy command.

Has anyone had this requirement before while using Maven?

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For clarification, when you say "to deploy 3rd party software", do you mean A) To do an application server deploy of a web artifact or B) Deploy an artifact to a Maven repository in the Maven sense of the word "deploy"? –  Snekse Sep 15 '11 at 15:39
"To deploy 3rd party software" I mean, to do an application server deploy of a web artifact. After googling abit I found that mvn deploy:deploy-file command can be used for 3rd party application artifact deployment. But, am yet to do a PoC to understand whether it will drop the file in a JBoss or Tomcat directory or are there any user rights/permissions required for that. Will update here when I get some results. Cheers –  Shital Rawal Sep 26 '11 at 9:19

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