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Is it possible to pass HTML elements into a jade file e.g. I would like for the following to populate the p element with text, and a code element with some contained text nested inside the p element.

JSON containing strings

var news = {
  one : {
    title : "Using JSON",
     body : "Using JSON is a great way of passing information into the jade template files."+
            "It can be looped over using jades each syntax <code>test</code>"
  two : {
    title : "",
    body : ""

Routing the HTTP request

// Routes
app.get(navigation.home.uri, function(req, res){ //Home
  res.render(navigation.home.url, {
    title: navigation.home.title,
    navigation: navigation,
    news: news

Jade file snippet, with a loop for each news item

    - each item in news
          h2 #{item.title}
        p #{item.body}
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Use !{item.body} instead of #

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The accepted answer is indeed correct for the example given by @Jack, however I used this without an initial p tag:

block content

And this is not correct and will throw up some Jade warnings like

Warning: missing space before text for line 6 of jade file "~/demo/views/home.jade"

This is because instead of using Unescaped Buffered Code it is using interpolated and is intended for use with long strings.

So the correct syntax (as explained here) would be:

block content
        != template.sections.welcome
        != template.sections.headline

Hope this saves someone some time trying to get to the bottom of those warnings!

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