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In Mercurial, one can define a pattern for external diff and merge tools (so that they are called only for files matching the pattern specified):

**.ext = difftool
**.ext = mergetool

How to define such patterns in Git?

[mergetool] section in git-config(1) does not mention any pattern, mask or anyting similar.


Here is a relevant part of my .git/config:

    tool = difftool
[difftool "difftool"]
    cmd = difftool.git.sh "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE" "$BASE"

    tool = mergetool
[mergetool "mergetool"]
    cmd = mergetool.git.sh "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE" "$BASE" "$MERGED"

Now it works for all files.

I want my difftool and mergetool to be called only for files with names ending with .ext


I have added a file .git/info/attributes with the following contents:

*.ext   diff=difftool
*.ext   merge=mergetool

I've also added

[diff "difftool"]
    name = my custom diff driver
    driver = difftool.git.sh %A %B %O
[merge "mergetool"]
    name = my custom merge driver
    driver = mergetool.git.sh %A %B %O %A

to my .git/config.

Now I run

git difftool

It calls KDiff3 instead of my difftool. What do I do wrong?

Remark: I'm playing with difftool instead of mergetool because it is easier to test and I believe that if I manage to configure difftool, it will be obvious for me how to configure mergetool.


Difftool now works.


[diff "difftool"]
    command = difftool.git.sh


.ext diff=difftool

difftool.git.sh (in PATH)

difftool.jar "$2" "$5"

But there is a side-effect on Windows: git diff now results in APPCRASH.


I have figured out how to avoid crashing or hanging of git diff: one should use git difftool or call git diff through sh: sh -c "git diff"

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You would use a merge driver in a gitattributes file.

See for instance "How do I tell git to always select my local version for conflicted merges on a specific file?"

*.ext merge=mymergetool

You can use patterns in a gitattributes file.

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Does the same apply to diff driver? Could not manage to make it work. I really need a simple sample. –  utapyngo Sep 13 '11 at 14:43

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