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On my db, I have values from 0 to 24 and this code below populates a dropdown with those values:

    SQLstmt = "Select PriorTries from myTable"
    set TrySet = conn.Execute(SQLstmt)
        <select name="Tries">
        <option value="">&nbsp;</option>
         Do Until TrySet.EOF
          TryID = TrySet("Tries")
         If TryID = Tries Then sel = "SELECTED" Else sel = ""
        <OPTION Value="<%=TryID%>" <%=sel%> > <%=TrySet("Tries")%>


Only problem is the 0 shows up as the default value.

I want blank, just like I have it on the code to be the default value.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

             <SELECT name="Tries">
             <option value="" selected="selected">&nbsp;</option>

               <OPTION Value="0" SELECTED > 0
               <OPTION Value="1"  > 1
               <OPTION Value="2"  > 2
               <OPTION Value="3"  > 3
               <OPTION Value="4"  > 4
               <OPTION Value="5"  > 5
               <OPTION Value="6"  > 6
               <OPTION Value="7"  > 7
               <OPTION Value="8"  > 8
               <OPTION Value="9"  > 9
               <OPTION Value="10"  > 10
               <OPTION Value="11"  > 11
               <OPTION Value="12"  > 12
               <OPTION Value="13"  > 13
               <OPTION Value="14"  > 14
               <OPTION Value="15"  > 15
               <OPTION Value="16"  > 16
               <OPTION Value="17"  > 17
               <OPTION Value="18"  > 18
               <OPTION Value="19"  > 19
               <OPTION Value="20"  > 20
               <OPTION Value="21"  > 21
               <OPTION Value="22"  > 22
               <OPTION Value="23"  > 23
               <OPTION Value="24"  > 24
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I cannot see any definition for Tries?
Undefined variables are equal to zero (Empty).
So, your if condition in your code returns True while TrySet("Tries") is equal to zero (for first record) and prints SELECTED. That's normal. And I interested, you selected column as PriorTries in the query but you try getting it with TrySet("Tries") in the loop. Do you think that this is correct?
I think you need to try use like that:
If CStr(TryID) = CStr(Tries) Then sel = "SELECTED" Else sel = ""

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<option value="" selected="selected">&nbsp;</option>
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Sorry, it didn't work. Weird, right? – Kenny Sep 13 '11 at 14:33
Can you show the output HTML generated by your above code? – Matt Cofer Sep 13 '11 at 15:49
Thanks. I have updated the code above to paste what you requested. As you can see, 0 got SELECTED as default. – Kenny Sep 13 '11 at 15:57
You have two selected's. You need to add Matt's statement and kill the part of your ASP that generates the SELECTED. I don't know how your code above runs without an END IF. – mikeY Sep 13 '11 at 16:01
Does TrySet("Tries") equal 0? By default TrySet("Tries") needs to equal Nothing/Null/or something other than 0 through 24 so you can detect when nothing has been detected versus when 0 was selected. – Matt Cofer Sep 13 '11 at 16:07

Default your selected variable to -1. Because 0 is the default value, it's selected. I don't think you need selected='selected'. It's just selected like you have it with your valued options. My guess is your recordset has a count in it, which is returning zero. Maybe in your SQL script, if the value is zero, return -1 or null.

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