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I have string like this "24:00:00" and I would like to convert it to time. I tried convert and DateTime.Parse but it seems like it needs a date too. Is there a way to just get time, or do I have to put in a date as well?

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FYI, 24 hour time goes from 0:00:00 to 23:59:59 and 24:00:00 would be invalid. – crashmstr Sep 13 '11 at 15:13
Take a look here: stackoverflow.com/questions/4253270/… – Garrett Vlieger Sep 13 '11 at 15:14
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If you are only interested in the time component, consider using TimeSpan instead of the full DateTime.

var time = TimeSpan.Parse("23:59:59");
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I know there are some strange date formats... but having a month in the middle of a time is a new one for me ;-) – musefan Sep 13 '11 at 15:16
Doh! I got my month and minute mixed up! removed it anyway before you told me. – Anthony Pegram Sep 13 '11 at 15:16

I am not sure "24:00:00" is going to be a valid time. Any how, you should not need to specify the date, you can do...

DateTime time = DateTime.ParseExact("23:59:59", "HH:mm:ss", null);

If your time is actually a time of the day, then I would suggest sticking with DateTime. If you are actually using an amount of time (i.e. can be more that 23:59:59) then you could use TimeSpan...

TimeSpan time = TimeSpan.ParseExact("23:59:59", "HH:mm:ss", null);

don't forget, both have a TryParseExact version if you are not sure you input will be valid

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You can use DateTimeFormatInfo to format your DateTime.

string strDate = "23:10:00";
DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi = new DateTimeFormatInfo();
dtfi.ShortTimePattern = "hh:mm:ss";
dtfi.TimeSeparator = ":";
DateTime objDate = Convert.ToDateTime(strDate, dtfi);
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I think you need TimeSpan.Parse instead?

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How about

var time = new DateTime.Today;
var str = "24:00:00";
var split = str.split(":");


Hope this helps.

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