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Possible Duplicate:
help need to write regex

I have a logfile formatted as follows:

       Using data from (yyyy/mm/dd): 2011/8/3
       0 files queued for scanning.
       Warning: E:\test\foo
       Händler.pdf File not Found.
       Loading com, please wait. 
       1520 file scanned.

I want to write a regex to detect the Warning message and used date So my out put will be like { 'Used Date':'2011/8/3', 'Warning':'E:\test\foo Händler.pdf File not Found'}

I tried but I got only following output:

logd = re.compile("Using\sdata\sfrom\s\(yyyy/mm/dd\):\s(? P<Defs_Date>\d{4}/\d+/\d+)[^\w\d] ")
data =, log).groupdict()

Output will be :

{'Defs_Date': '2011/8/3'}

Can anybody help me update my regex to extract the information I'm looking for?

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This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

With out a broad view of your log file, this may help you:

In [1]: import re

In [2]: txt = open('foo.log', 'r').read()

In [3]: regexp = re.compile(r'''Using data.+\): (?P<Defs_Date>\d{4}/\d+/\d+).+(?P<Warning>Warning: .+)Loading.+scanned.''', re.S)

In [4]:
{'Defs_Date': '2011/8/3',
 'Warning': 'Warning: E:\\test\\foo\n       H\xc3\xa4ndler.pdf File not Found.\n       '}

Process the output to fit your needs.

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