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I'm currently working on a Java class whose dependencies are resolved by maven. I now try to integrate the class into a JRuby script. Is it possible to manage the java dependencies such that the corresponding .jar files and the Java class file are handed over to JRuby automatically?

I have tried to call JRuby from maven, but wasn't able to fix the dependencies. Is there a possibility of handing over the correct maven class path inside the pom.xml file?

Thanks a lot, Philipp

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Take a look at this answer – mguymon Sep 10 '12 at 18:16

It's not quite what you're after, but you might take a look at this question and answer and compile your Java 'with dependencies', using the assembly:single plugin/goal. Then your JRuby scripts only need to reference a single jar to work.

Whether it's a useful idea or not is dependent on your needs, and how you want to distribute your scripts.

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Add this to pom.xml and try. This should automatically pull the Jruby jar for your project.

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