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I know Selenium IDE should be needed to record/playback a test. What are the other things in selenium i need, to automate test cases. I am not sure about anything other that recording and playing back. How does this selenium actually works. Do i need to code any programs like developing? or only recording the test will be enough? Share you knowledge about Selenium test.

Where can i get best tutorial for Selenium?

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Do i need to code any programs like developing? or only recording the test will be enough?

This largely depends on what you require your tests to do. If you only need to record a very straightforward set of tests, using the Selenium IDE and recording tests will probably be sufficient. If you are trying to make a robust and extensible test suite, with varied input and/or varied test conditions, you will probably need to do some development to fully tap into the power of Selenium.

The best resources that I know of are the official Selenium documentation, which is well-written and even comes with a bunch of pictures to help walk you through starting with Selenium. For more detailed or technical questions, I would refer to the Selenium google group, which is pretty active.

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I recommend these high rating Selenium video tutorial (duration : 2.5 hours in 3 parts) :

Although its title is Selenium + JUnit, but actually it is all about Selenium IDE

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