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I have a facebook app that gets its contents from When the signed_request is truned off, the app works fine, but when it's turned on I get a 404 error. I think it's because nationbuilder doesn't allow POST requests to their site from an outside source. So it's fine with me as long as I can turn off the signed request in the app settings. My question is, how do I turn off the signed_request for the facebook page tab? The settings for the signed_request only apply to the app, but it doesn't affect the page tab. So, is there any way to make facebook not to send the POST request to nationbuilder? Thanks.

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There is no possibility to turn off the signed_request only for Page Tab. I guess NationBuilder should allow this use case.

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Another possible solution:

If the NationBuilder page is public, you could, scrape your NB content by creating an API, and alternative page, using Kimono Labs.

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Facebook currently does not support a feature where you can turn off the signed_request. The same problem of not accepting POST request rises when you try to load content from Amazon s3, again, POST request are not accepted.

A possible workaround is to have a php based proxy-like page which loads the content from NationBuilder and add that page to the Facebook tab.

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