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When I try to reload my fixtures using

php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load

I'm getting this error:

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1451 Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (foo_db.Book, CONSTRAINT FK_C29271DD816C6140 FOREIGN KEY (author_id) REFERENCES Author (id))

The error is showed when the status "> purging database" is showed.

This is my code:

class Book{

 * @ORM\ManyToOne(targetEntity="Author", inversedBy="books")
private $author;


class Author{
     * @ORM\OneToMany(targetEntity="Book", mappedBy="author")
    private $books;


More: my boss has the same code and it doesn't have that error.

Any idea?

sf 2.0.1 (just updated)/ubuntu 10.10.

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have you rebuild the database? – Flukey Sep 13 '11 at 17:00
yes, it's the only way to load the fixtures then. – ziiweb Sep 13 '11 at 17:03
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If I'm guessing correctly, you are using a MySQL database. If yes, then you are facing a bug/problem with the current version of the doctrine-fixtures library for Doctrine2. The problem is that they are using the TRUNCATE command to purge the current database values but this command has problem deleting foreign associations in MySQL.

See this issue and this one on the GitHub repository of the library for more information and workarounds.

In my particular case, I run this command from a script, so to make the command work correctly, I do:

php app/console doctrine:database:drop --force
php app/console doctrine:database:create

php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force

php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load --append

This way, the purging is done by the drop command and appending has the same effect as not appending since the database is empty when the fixtures are loaded.

I must admit I don't know why your boss doesn't have the problem, maybe there is no book associated with an author in his database.

Hope this help.


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There is no book associated with his author. I had the same issue. – Thomas Bennett Oct 22 '15 at 0:17

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