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I am making an application in which user will be making gestures on screens and if the user has any contact number stored against that gesture , it will dial that number . now i am having an issue with recognition of gestures. the most primary issue i am facing is that if a user stores a number against a straight line , it will never be called because when ever user draw a straight line to call a contact it become translucent as it is not a valid gesture.

translucent image

Can any one help me with this so i can recognize this gesture as well or is there any way i can stop my user from making such gesture? And also can any one tell me how to improve recognition of gestures?

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sorry, can't help, :) but couldn't hold myself: to stop your user from making such gesture, you can spit cold water in his face or sound a loud horn when he does it... –  woliveirajr Sep 13 '11 at 17:57

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Umm, why would you want to do this? You know very well that the straight line gesture is used to scroll down. This is probably by design.

enter image description here

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