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I have been writing my site with Codeigniter for a while. My site has functions like a social networking site: login, make friends, comments, follow, post status, etc.

I just found out about Elgg, seems great so far.

I want to know, without knowing too much about Elgg, would you usually use it :

as a replacement of CI


a compliment to CI

I can rewrite the CI code into Elgg if really neccessary, of course, not something I would like to do.

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@Alfonso, I said "without knowing too much about Elgg", that's why I asked if they are replacement or compliment. Don't answer if your answer isn't helpful. – William Sham Sep 15 '11 at 16:21
I did not respond. I commented. – Alfonso Rubalcava Sep 15 '11 at 16:23

Elgg is meant to be the backbone of your site. It could be installed alongside Codeigniter, but there's no clear way to integrate them - it's similar to trying to use CI and WordPress together. You probably want to choose one or the other, they are not comparable.

  • Elgg = Social Networking Engine
  • Codeigniter = PHP Framework

Elgg is a full-blown solution, while Codeigniter is a means to write one yourself.

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