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I have this string the first is the hours, second minutes, third seconds.


How do I divide the hours '744' in PHP?

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Are you asking how to parse the string? Clearly you would need to parse out the hours before you can do any math, etc.. on it. –  Sam Sep 13 '11 at 18:17

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If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to get the substring '744' from the string '744:39:46'. Since the latter string always has a particular form, you can simply use the explode function to split the string by commas and then take the last element:

$string_i_want=$arr[0]; //assigns '744' to $string_i_want

You can also pick it out with a regular expression by using preg_match:


  $string_i_want=$matches[1]; //assigns '744' to $string_i_want
  //The string didn't match...my guess is that something very weird is going on.

In the regular expression, \d+ denotes "one or more digits", ^ denotes the beginning of the string, and $ denotes the end of the string. The parentheses around the first \d+ allows for capturing of the first set of digits into $matches[1] (and $matches[0] is the entire string--ie $matches[0]===$str).

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$time = "744:39:46";
$timeunits = explode(":", $time);
$hours = $timeunits[0];
print $hours;
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Assuming you mean divide it into days,

$hours = 744;

$days = floor($hours / 24);
$hours = $hours % 24;
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$parts = explode(":", "744:39:46");
// Divide the hours
echo $parts[0] / $somevalue;
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