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I am fairly new to rails and i am having trouble with rendering json files. I have this action in my accounts controller:

  def images
     user = current_user #|| current_fb_user
     img_urls = []
     user.images.each do |img|
       unless img.deleted_at || !img.verified_to_s3
         img_urls << img.url

     render :json => img_urls

this renders a json, but it renders it at "/accounts/images" instead of "/accounts/images.json" (i get a template missing when i try images.json) as an actual .json file. How do i write the code so i can get a .json file?


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Try putting:

respond_to :json

at the top of your controller and:

respond_with img_urls

instead of render :json => img_urls

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respond_with seems to be for rails 3.x, so I cannot use that. – Zyren Sep 13 '11 at 19:01
which version of rails are you using? Have you tried using "img_urls.to_json?" ? – Kyle Patterson Sep 13 '11 at 19:32

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