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Camel explicitly handles two 'scopes' of error handling:

  • Global
  • per Route

The issue I'm having is exceptions thrown in a 'sub route'. For instance, I've got this route:


Then I've got two other routes that need to send messages to the webservice:



What I would like to happen is, if the webservice route throws an exception, it's propagated up to the caller, and either system A or system B would be notified. I don't see a way to achieve this.

I feel like this would be a common use case - has anyone bumped up against it before?

Thanks again for your time,


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Got the answer from a colleague: The subroute needs to have it's error handling disabled:

    .errorHandler(noErrorHandler())     // disables error handling for this route

This forces Camel to propagate the error to the calling route.

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