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I have this path:


I want to get the "23786.txt"

I know we could use explode in php, but how would I do it in C#?

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possible duplicate of How to get a filename from a path? – JohnFx Sep 13 '11 at 19:16
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The equivalent to PHP's explode would be string.Split, but you don't need to and shouldn't use it in this case, because there is a specialized method exposed by the framework: Path.GetFileName. Use it like this:

var yourPath = @"C:\wamp\www\tm\23786.txt";
var filename = Path.GetFileName(yourPath);
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Try Path.GetFileName(@"C:\wamp\www\tm\23786.txt");

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Well, in C# land we don't like when stuff explodes, so we have

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Simply use the Path class method GetFileName(path), such as:

var filename = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(path);

You can also just omit the System.IO qualification if you have a using System.IO.

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Use System.IO.Path.GetFileName(path);

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var fileName = Path.GetFileName(@"C:\wamp\www\tm\23786.txt");
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