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I'm looking for insight on a best practice for the following:

I have a UITableView in which I'd like to draw a custom shape into each UITableViewCell. Something such as the "pill" shape ellipse in Apple's mail app that describes how many messages are in a folder.

What's the best practice for that? Should I subclass UIView, and add the class to my UITableView, then use drawAtPoint:?

I prefer not subclassing UITableViewCell, and I'm almost certain there isn't a need for it. My cells are rather common otherwise.

How would you do that?

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I would design my cells in Interface Builder. I will be way easier than subclassing UITableViewCell class, and you will find an awesome video tutorial on how to do that here. And, without coding, you will have the opportunity to design your custom components with a very nice GUI tool.

For the ellipse-like drawing you can use a plain UIView subclass that you can place wherever you want with Interface Builder.

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