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    $(this).animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=350 -=150"}, 500).delay(500);
    $(this).animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=350 -=150"}, 500);

I'm using a background position library in order to animate a background. I would like to have the background slide half way. Pause in the middle, and then continue on it's way. unfortunately when I write the code this way the animation moves half way. pauses in the middle, and then restarts the animation from the beginning rather than incrementing. anyone know why?

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What happens when you combine both lines of code into a single chain? – Blazemonger Sep 13 '11 at 20:56
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Perhaps use a callback function like so:

$(this).animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=350 -=150"}, 500, function () {
    $(this).delay(500).animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=350 -=150"}, 500);

It kinda sounds like the css for the background image is not being saved after the initial animation, so maybe set the css in the callback function:

$(this).animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=350 -=150"}, 500, function () {
    $(this).css({"backgroundPosition": '...'});
    $(this).delay(500).animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=350 -=150"}, 500);
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$(this).css({"backgroundPosition": '...'}); this wasn't necessary. But the rest of the code did the trick. Interesting jquery doesnt save the value without a callback function in place. multiple click events can increment an animation like this. However one click event cant without a callback function. interesting. – ionfish Sep 13 '11 at 21:03
What plugin are you using to animate the background? – Jasper Sep 13 '11 at 21:08

Sort of a hacking approach, but what about animating without moving:

$( this )
    .animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=350 -=150"}, 500)
    .animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=0 +=0"}, 500)
    .animate({"backgroundPosition": "+=350 -=150"}, 500);

jsfiddle with different rules, because I didn't want to find a background image.

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