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I want to learn to use multiprocessing.Manager. I looked at the documentation but it's not easy enough for me. Anyone knows of a good tutorial or something like that?

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If you don't get any joy on the request for a tutorial, try elaborating on your question with some specific parts that you don't understand. Is there a code snippet that you've tried that isn't working? Is there a particular concept that's inscrutable? –  Jarret Hardie Apr 11 '09 at 22:51
No, thanks for trying to help, but I just want an introduction to Managers. –  Ram Rachum Apr 11 '09 at 23:13
i'm totally with RR on this. just a few real world (not the connect, send-hi-msg, receive-hi-msg) examples and some explanation on how this works. I'm also searching for a decent description/manual. Not that I have specific problem to solve, just want to find out how it all fits together and some use cases/patterns. –  rytis Feb 12 '10 at 14:43
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This page has some great multiprocessing examples, including examples of how to use Manager. I found it really helpful in wrapping my head around multiprocessing.

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Hm, from a first glance, the documentation of multiprocessing.Manager seems decent:

Managers provide a way to create data which can be shared between different processes. A manager object controls a server process which manages shared objects. Other processes can access the shared objects by using proxies. [and so on]

Manager objects allow you to create variables shared in multiple processes. What is it that you exactly want to achieve? Maybe a request for an example would help?

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I also think the standard docs are quite illustrative, but isn't a tutorial, like he's seeking, basically a request for an example? :-) –  Jarret Hardie Apr 11 '09 at 22:46
Well, I think that in the Pycon talk it was said that Managers can manage pools for you, also on remote computers. So I'd like a gentle introduction to that, if one exists. –  Ram Rachum Apr 11 '09 at 23:16
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Another page, for those looking for more information on multiprocessing in general that might be of use is: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/aix/library/au-multiprocessing/

Its an IBM tutorial that gives as real world example using Net-SMNP which normally blocks the process till it finishes giving a fantastic example of how using multiprocessing can resolve issues with thread blocking code processes.

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