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I'm writing a java program that works with .class files. I want to be able to read a .class file on the filesystem (with InputStream) and determine the package that it is in. That .class file might not be in a nice package directory structure, it could be lying around in some random place. How can I do this?

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Read the class file format documentation - or use a library which knows how to parse class files, such as BCEL and its ClassParser class.

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john...the link is broken and can u paste a sample code for this – Anil Sharma Apr 8 '13 at 11:00
@AnilSharma: I've updated the link, through the power of searching for "class file format documentation"... – Jon Skeet Apr 8 '13 at 12:23
@JonSkeet - link is broken again through the power of link only answers are bad for a reason! – Jarrod Roberson Feb 2 at 19:01
@JarrodRoberson: Updated the link. These days I'd just have added a comment instead... but expanding the answer wouldn't really help here. (It's not like I'm going to post the complete file format in the answer...) – Jon Skeet Feb 2 at 19:09

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