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I work at a tester company and I've been asked to find a way for our tester to support STDF (Standard Test Data Format) files. So the task is either write a library or find a library that system framework can use to store test data in STDF files.

I really don't want to implement the whole standard and I couldn't find something ready to do this. All what I found was libraries and commercial software that analyze and "read" STDF.

Any advice is appreciated.

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In my view, the only more or less mature open source library to directly write STDF files is LinqToStdf.

Do use revision 92526d instead of d159d0bc1e6a though. It seems project maintenance was dropped somewhere in 2012.

Note that writing ATDF files is much easier than writing STDF since ATDF is the text-based version of STDF. So it could be a feasible to write ATDF manually and then do a conversion.

Other libraries I looked at:

  • RADAR (R) is very nice but only allows to convert from and to STDF; you'd have to write its own native format called RTDF, or CSV. Nevertheless, it's a great tool to inspect, debug, and convert STDF files.

  • stdf4j (Java) claims support for writing, but appears to be impopular and abandoned

  • libstdf (C) Claims only partial support for writing

  • NI STDF IO Seems fairly complete but requires LabView (licensed)

  • IS LLC conversion scripts (Perl): only has conversion scripts (ATDF to STDF and vice versa).

  • pystdf (Python): does not support writing STDF

  • stdfparser (Python): does not support writing STDF

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I'n finally done with the STDF library for my company. Unfortunately, it is proprietary to the company now.

But I can say this much. I used LinqToStdf an open source library that helped me tremendously along the way. It enables you to read, write, create, validate STDF files.

I also have to give credit to marklio the coordinator and his prompt support. This project doesn't have an official documentation but support is available from the forum promptly.

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As per 2014, LinqToStdf still seems to be the most mature open source librariy for writing STDF files, but the project seems pretty inactive now. –  florisla Feb 24 at 9:29

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