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I am looking for a product to solve a particular task and I'm having a hard time sorting out which product or type of product can accomplish the task. I am looking for something to handle POSTing notifications via HTTPS.

One of my use cases is a mechanical turk type scenario. A client will request a task be started via an API call. A human will get this request do the task, tell the system the task is complete, and the system will send a HTTPS POST to a subscriber. So it's a long-running async request.

I am looking for something that will take care of making this POST for me. I would like something that is reliable and durable. Of course I can write the POST myself, but all of the other niceties that come with a queuing application would be nice to have (and I don't wish to implement all that myself).

I have been looking at a number of queuing, MOM, and ESB products. From what I can tell the queuing products don't seem to push notify over HTTPS and the MOM and ESB are a little too heavy handed I think. For example I think BizTalk will do what I need but that has a lot of overhead. The one solution I did find was Amazon's Simple Notification Service, but that appears to only send from the amazon.com domain, but I want the messages to be sent from my domain.

Can anyone help identify a product that will help? Maybe I'm just overlooking something, not sure what I am looking for, or have to choose a different way of implementing this.

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The answer I was looking for was webhooks. Here's a great presentation on what they are and how they can be utilized.

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if you want a serverless way to do webhooks, check out IronWorker's webhook support, here's an article on it: http://blog.iron.io/2012/04/one-webhook-to-rule-them-all-one-url.html

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nginx has a messaging module that may be just what you need.

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