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I want to create an Objective-C application which lets you specify a class implementation at runtime.

I want the user to type some code (correctness of the code is out of scope for now). When the user is done i want to create a class of the typed code and use it in the application.

So i want to dynamically add code in runtime of the application. Is this possible? If so, how can i achieve this? If not, why not and are there any alternatives to create the same effect which i want to create?


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FYI, you wouldn't be able to put this in the app store since it violates Apple's rules to be able to add code like that. – progrmr Sep 14 '11 at 4:06
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You can dynamically load classes at runtime, but to get there you'd first need to handle distributing a compiler, its compilation dependencies (headers, ...), setup its enviroment, etc.

Usually applications use scripting languages that are painlessly embeddable (Lua, Python, ...) or already available on the platform (JavaScript, AppleScript, ...).

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I'd check out F-Script. It's closer to smalltalk than Obj-C, but IMO it's closer to Obj-C than JavaScript or Lua :-)

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On iOS devices, this isn't possible. On a Mac you could link against the clang+llvm libraries and use them to generate code into a buffer, then mprotect() the buffer to be executable, I believe.

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