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Path.GetTempFileName is pretty close to what i want. But i wouldnt want to restart the machine and lose these files (as they would be temp). What i need is a unique filename. Whats the best way to do it? I was thinking inserting a key into a db, commit them pulling it but i dont think its a good idea.

I was thinking of using a random number but i am always worried about using random numbers when on a server. Since two request can occur at the same time getting the same number (assuming i dont lock it which would make it slow). So, what can i do?

I plan to use the filename so i can take file(s) from the users post request and save them to a file. Which i then put into a queue to be processed which may be immediately, a second from now or minutes/hours if something has gone wrong.

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Store filenames using GUID?

If you are expecting a lot of files. I replace guid dashes to make it into a directory structure.



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How about a Guid:

var appData = Server.MapPath("~/"App_Data);
var filename = Path.Combine(appData, string.Format("{0}.tmp", Guid.NewGuid()));

or some timestamp or something:

var appData = Server.MapPath("~/"App_Data);
var filename = Path.Combine(appData, string.Format("{0:dd_MM_yyyy_fffff}.tmp", DateTime.Now));
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