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Ok I am adding colums to a datagrid view using a varible

UserVGrid.Columns.Add(newline[1], newline[1]);

Which works fine, but I dont seem to be able to work out how to add a tooltip for when I hover over the coloum description.

I want some thing like

UserVGrid.newline[1].tooltip = "some text in here"

But this is not allowed, can any one tell me the right code for it?


Aaron (DEvilWAH)

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You need to set ToolTipText. It is a property of the DataGridViewColumn.

This is one possible solution:

DataGridViewColumn newColumn = new DataGridViewColumn();
newColumn.Name = newline[1];
newColumn.HeaderText = newline[1];
newColumn.ToolTipText = "some text in here";


Alternatively, you can refer to the column after it has been added to set the ToolTipText property:

int newColIdx = UserVGrid.Columns.Add(newline[1], newline[1]);
UserVGrid.Columns[newColIdx].ToolTipText = "some text in here";
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Perfect thank you, like the first method best ;) had to change new DataGridViewColumn(); to new DataGridViewTextBoxColumn();. but thats a nice method to do it and set it up perfect for something else i need to do. cheers –  DevilWAH Sep 14 '11 at 0:20

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