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im looping through something that generates an email and I want it to send each unique item to a unique person.

I found, that when I use $mail->AddAddress, the next time it loops, It just adds the address, including all the recipients from the previous loops, and sends them all out.

How can I reset the address variable?


      [generate customer $message]

      $mail->Host       = ""; 
      $mail->port = 25;
      $mail->AddReplyTo('', 'test name');
      $mail->SetFrom('', 'test name');
      $mail->Subject = "Your Daily Report, for $currentEmployee - $reportDate";

Is there something equal to SetAddress?

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What if you create a new mailer at the beginning of the loop, like:

$mail = new PHPMailer();

If I remember, there's also a ClearAddresses method, like:

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You can use:

$mail->ClearAllRecipients( ) 
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